The term time holiday ruling is a cause of much contention. A judgement on good parenting? On the merits of being a law abiding citizen? Or a judgement on the high price of holidays in peak time? 

There are many that bemoan the cost of travel in school holiday time and honestly I don't understand it. Flexible pricing in travel means that according to supply and demand, prices go up and go down.  This is a Europe wide issue with limited hotel capacity across the Med it's inevitable that prices rise in July and August . 

There are ways to beat the system. Andorra, a popular winter destination for skiers, has beautiful mountains, streams and clear blue skies in the summer. Hotels that cost €300 a night in the winter season can be booked for 25% of that price in summer. In Finland, kids go back to school in August. We booked a lakeside cabin for a week in August (sleeps 5) for €500. 

Disneyland in August is expensive. So is petrol at service stations. And strawberries at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Get creative, think laterally and you can still obey the law and beat the system.