Change is afoot. 

A recent anodyne, over branded, over hyped Pepsi ad, fronted by the Kendall Jenner was canned. No pun intended. The message did not connect with the target audience in fact it was so trite it offended. Pepsi were "trying to protect a global message of unity, peace and understanding", but probably through internal democratisation of decision making, the result was an epic fail. 

Shortly after, undeterred, Heineken launched a 4 minute video encouraging people to discuss  their differences over a beer. Where Kendal Jenner failed, people with strong opinions on some thorny issues achieved cut through. 

Last week Celebrity Cruises announced Nobel Laureat Malala Yousafzai as the Godmother of their new ship. By doing so Celebrity and their guests endorse a shared commitment to offer safe and free education to girls around the world. Now that really does promote global peace and understanding. 

Logo cops of the world would do well to look at these actions. They connect, they create positive change and they make a difference.