This week the Cannes Film Festival scored a huge own goal by changing its rules to block new distributors from winning awards. 

Companies such as Amazon and Netflix cannot compete for awards in 2018 unless their films are distributed in French cinemas. Something about toys and pram comes to mind. 

It amazes me how quickly my media habits have changed. Netflix is a part of my daily life. I rarely watch TV programmes at the time of broadcast. Line of Duty was perhaps the exception. 

Imagine life without The Crown or House of Cards. BAFTA nominated a number of Netflix series for their recent awards and the terrestrial TV companies had to get over it.  It's called competition. 

Netflix and Amazon are investing heavily in film. They may not be driving us to the cinema but they are keeping us interested in film and keep actors employed. 

We all have to adapt to the way we work. If anyone knows this it is the people who sell travel. Who have reacted and adapted to changing distribution and marketing of travel. 

Protectionism is not an option. Sorry.