Last night on behalf of the PRCA Travel & Tourism Group I moderated a discussion between Ben Ross, Head of Print at Telegraph Travel and Lisa Minot, Travel Editor at The Sun.

The discussion mined the minds of these two leading travel editors looking at the general changes in media including the rise of online, the blurred lines between commercial and editorial and the rise of social in the travel content mix.

Some top take-aways from Ben and Lisa for PRs include:

Video - media need more; good quality, no presenters, pace-y with lots of movement - the message was there is not enough video content to meet the need.

Tailored approach - tight targeting and relevance gets results, mass distribution does not. Know the publication / audience you are pitching to and tailor the pitch accordingly.

Key contacts - get to know the right people - preferred freelancers / the right commissioning editors are often the best route in.

Sensitivity - increasingly we need to be mindful that publications can't run destination content if there is FCO advice on that country or if it has recently been affected by an attack / incident. PRs need to be mindful of this. BUT it doesn't mean all avenues are closed - advertorial can still be an option in this instance.

Persist - if you believe you have a targeted story that is original and engaging do persist - be mindful of deadline days and don't call when it is press day but don't be put off by an initial lack of response!