Missing the fun at the late night bar at the ITT conference, wishing I was at Glastonbury/Ascot/Henley are all part of the daily Facebook downer. We all suffer from it, but now fear of missing out is officially a thing. 

Eventbrite and Ipsos have revealed in recent research that 78% of surveyed adults attended a live event in the past year. Of these, 71% attended as it made them feel more "connected".  

This number rose to 79% amongst millennials, 74% of who said attending a live event "expands their perspective more than reading about things online".  Three quarters said said they prefer "experiences to things". 

This is interesting intel for travel industry event organisers. Agent roadshows are a plenty in our industry but how can we engage young sales superstars beyond an endless supply of brochures and booze?   

Aubri Nowowiejski, an executive producer at US based event firm Coterie Spark says:

One way to convince Millennials to engage and network is through activities, particularly gamification. Collecting coins or checking in at certain stations during a conference can deliver the same satisfaction and even the all-important dopamine fix. 

Engaging through digitized games makes networking — often seen as a daunting task — fun and less intimidating. Likewise, planners who include incentives for attendees to bring a friend are likely to get a higher turnout among Millennials.

In these digital days, the obsession with FOMO and creating the perfect social feed isn't limited to the under 30's. 

At LOTUS our clients invest in a number of trade events from TIPTO to Travel Counsellors  all of whom have upped their game to engage agents and give customers and guests best return on time invested. Being mindful of added value and considering how to facilitate better networking for a generation that has been raised on an iPad will help add value and create better return.